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Ehsas — non-profit gallery curated by student artists Sowaibah Shahbaz and Najwa Javed.

Art has been profound throughout generations, as a gateway to inspiring and expressing feeling, and ultimately alluring people towards composition.

Ehsas aims to provide a platform for new and diverse local artists to exhibit their work in a free space.

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All are invited to experience Ehsas for free, without regard to race, gender, creed, economic or social status.

Ehsas, a word belonging to the languages of Arabic and Urdu means feeling, emotion and having compassion.

The aim of this outdoor gallery is to simulate Ehsas — Feeling through diversity, and creation.

Recent Events:

06/29/2018, Washington Square Park - Garibaldi Plaza - New York, New York

07/02/2018, Battery Park – Castle Clinton Plaza - New York, New York

07/21/2018, 1001 Newkirk Ave. - Brooklyn, New York